Expanding Knowledge through Treaty Education

I really enjoyed Claire Kreuger’s presentation on Treaty Education.  I appreciated the honesty she approached us with, highlighting the mistakes she made in implementing treaty education and transforming those mistakes into lessons she learned and lessons we could learn from her experiences.  I was also relieved to hear her stories of expecting backlash for discussing “controversial issues” but receiving none. 

I was blown away by the quality of her students’ projects, and inspired by how much they learned as well as how much they seemed to value learning about these topics.  I believe that by implementing treaty education we can start to reverse the trend of Canadians having very limited understandings of treaties.  Through our young students and the information they will pass on to their family and friends, we can expand the knowledge of what it means to be a treaty person!

2 thoughts on “Expanding Knowledge through Treaty Education

  1. cmeoberlin

    I too was completely blown away by the work that these young students were doing. It was amazing to see. How do you think you could get students that engaged?


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