Insulting Identity

This is my How Stories Shape Our Lives Assignment.

Part 1 consists of summaries of 10 short stories from the New Teacher Book.  It can be found here:  Part 1: Summaries

Part 2 is a video of a slam poem I wrote in response to two of the stories.  You can find a written explanation for me response here: Written Explanation

Here is my slam poem:  Insulting Identity


1 thought on “Insulting Identity

  1. katiahildebrandt

    Amazing work here – keep sharing this – so many important messages shared here. We need to be reminded of this!
    In your explanation, you write: “This resonated with me because I have experienced teachers dismissing meaningful conversations because they wanted to avoid any controversy or heated discussions in the classroom.” Given this unwillingness to avoid discomfort, do you feel that this is something you will strive to do in your classroom? How will you negotiate the tension of wanting to avoid controversy vs. having meaningful conversations?
    I appreciate your admission that you felt uncomfortable about the idea of encouraging small children to marry someone of the same sex. You write: “In order to critically engage, I had to ask myself why I was uncomfortable with that.” Indeed, this engagement is so important, and we need to ask these questions alongside our students!
    I really appreciate the bumps that you discuss here – so important to acknowledge these thoughts and work through them instead of dismissing them!


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