S’more Chess Updates (not the graham cracker kind)

This week, I decided to use Smore to show my learning project update! Smore is a website that allows you to create beautiful flyers and share them online. It was really easy to use and I love the way it turned out! I will definitely use this tool in the future.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, WordPress will no longer display content embedded in WordPress posts unless it comes from “whitelisted” sources. So I can’t embed my Smore, but please click this link and check it out:

SMORE – Chess Update March 15th

I’d love to hear what you think of my chess Smore and my learning project progress. Comment below!

3 thoughts on “S’more Chess Updates (not the graham cracker kind)

  1. tmiskolczi

    I love how you incorporated a digital tool to help give progress on your learning project! The Smore was awesome and well designed, it was also really easy to follow! I also really like how you have the different videos and you talked about how you used them. Have you ever thought about going to the Regina Chess Club and asking them for some tips/strategies? Keep up the good work!

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