Unit Plans

Science Unit Plan – Habitats and Communities

This grade four mini-unit focuses on students learning about the interdependence of plants and animals (including humans), within habitats and communities.  It provides activities to engage students and allow them to learn through movement.  In particular, the lessons focus on components of a habitat, the theme of interdependence, food chains, food webs, and how the loss of a species affects other species within a food web and within the larger community.

Social Studies/Treaty Education Unit Plan – Relationship Between First Nations and Métis Peoples and the Land

This unit focuses on events that have influenced First Nations and Métis people’s relationship with the land, including the displacement of the Métis peoples and the way treaty making resulted in land loss for First Nations peoples.  It includes interactive activities such as a reasons for treaty trading card activity, a simulation of Métis land displacement, and a treaty activity called ‘A Promise to Share the Classroom’.



1 thought on “Unit Plans

  1. Julie Anne Machnaik

    Great place to keep all your work – you’ll be able to revisit & reflect to see how much you grow throughout your ‘process of becoming’ a teacher!


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